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Capitalize on competency of Microsoft Power Platform for Your Business

Get ready to experience a whole new world of Business Apps, Business Intelligence, AI and Virtual Assistance with Microsoft Power Platform Services. At Techcronus in Sydney, we are giving you an exhilarating opportunity to capitalize the full potential of Microsoft Power Platform Solutions to build apps, drive intelligence automation, develop virtual chatbots and interactive insights in a unified low-code environment. 

Microsoft Power Platform is just like a supernatural power gadget for your business. Like Marvel Avengers 6 supernatural power rings, Microsoft Power Platform comes with 5 power pack solutions.

Application Transformation
Automate Operations
360° View
Digital Workplace
Power Features

1. Power BI

It is one of the most exciting software for visualizing data with different kinds of charts.  

At Techcronus in Sydney, our team of skilled experts of Microsoft Power BI Consultant can turn your unrelated sources of data be it an Excel spreadsheet, or a collection of cloud-based and on-premises hybrid data warehouses into coherent, visually entrancing, and interactive insights. 

2. Power App

It is a most popular app development platform to quickly build, create and share powerful low code applications that run on any mobile device or browser without having any coding expertise and the best part is it is easily connectable with other Microsoft services like Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc. 

At Techcronus, our team of Microsoft Power Platform Consultant will help you setup Power App for your business which will make your business operations smoother in daily run. 

There are two types of apps which can be developed in Power Apps – Canvas App and Model-driven App. In Canvas App, you can design an app just by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas. With model-driven apps, much of the layout is determined and designated by the components you add. 

Also, it is quite easy to connect to different data sources like Dataverse, SQL, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., with Power Apps. 

3. Power Automate

It is one of the most helpful tool for automating processes and tasks by connecting different applications and platforms which will make many tasks easier by adapting into life. 

At Techcronus, our team of qualified professionals of Microsoft Power Automate Consultant will help you setup Power Automate which is proven to be effective for businesses in daily life. 

You have multiple benefits like: When you receive an Outlook email attachment, save Outlook email attachments in your OneDrive. It also allows you to copy files between Dropbox and SharePoint. 

4. Power Automate Desktop

It is a robotic process automation (RPA) software for automating graphical user interfaces. With Power Automate Desktop, just by using the pre-built drag-and-drop actions or recording your own desktop flows, you can use it in the future to automate all repetitive desktop processes. 

At Techcronus, we have a team of skilled experts of Microsoft Power Platform Consultant who will help you with setting up Power Automate Desktop which is time saving & makes tasks easier in daily life in your business. 

With Power Automate Desktop, you can quickly organize your documents using dedicated files and folders actions to save time. Not only that you can accurately extract data from websites and store them in excel files using Web and Excel automation. The best part is that you can apply desktop automation capabilities to put your work on autopilot. 

5. Power Virtual Agents

It is a software tool for creating intelligent chatbots. It is one of the most powerful tool to keep your customers connected with your business even outside business hours making sure your customers gets assistance through power virtual agents. It is quite simple to use and free from technical hassle with no-code solution, build intelligent bots easily and quickly, improve your self-service capabilities, reduce the customer service workload and ensure your business stays connected. 

At Techcronus, setup your power virtual agent through our team of Microsoft Power Virtual Agent Consultants to make your customers stay connected with the business 24/7. 

Our team will help you develop authentic FAQs content by using natural language for a layman to understand topics & get prompt response to their queries. To ensure your Power Virtual Agents chatbot follows the required actions, our back-end team makes sure to keep it free from bugs. Additionally, you can monitor your chatbots to review the performance, allowing you to make improvements and get the most out of it. 

Microsoft Power Platform Services We Offer

Design & Development

At Techcronus, we offer comprehensive Microsoft Power Platform Services from Ideation (Design Stage) to Prototype (Final Product) & creation of MVP even full scale engineering solution as well based on any core product – Power BI, Power App, Power Automate or Power Automate Desktop. 

Integration Services

At Techcronus, to make your business life complication free, our qualified expert Microsoft Power Platform Consultant ensures a seamless integration between Microsoft applications & 3rd Party Solutions & Services.  

We even extend the capabilities of our Microsoft Power Platform with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and conduct other complex custom integrations with your internal IT systems. 

Assistance with Implementation

At Techcronus, our team of Microsoft Power Platform Consultant build a clear-cut, definite & precise project plan for incorporating Microsoft Power Platform for your business. We will help you with entire process of setting up and configuring the Microsoft Power Platform. 

We even do calculations of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) to make sure you get the finest & pre-eminent result from our Microsoft Power Platform Services.  

Consulting & Support

At Techcronus, we believe that the process has not ended even after implementation of services. For ensuring a seamless experience and acclimatizing the integration of Microsoft Power Platform products into your workflows, our team of Microsoft Power Platform Consultant conducts workshops, training, and even provide you with Microsoft Power Platform Consulting to make the process smoother. 

Why Choose Techcronus For Power Platform Development?

To boost up your business by digitizing the workflow and management. MS power platform services will make your work easy and effective. Techcronus is specialized into the business of IT consulting and implementation for over a decade, with a rich experience in working with on Microsoft Power Platform. We have a dedicated team of certified Power Platform Developers who will study your current and evolving needs to deliver a robust Microsoft Power Platform-based solutions for your business.

1. Swift Result

At Techcronus, our Microsoft Power Platform Consultants will help you build & deploy custom apps swiftly with the use of Microsoft Power Platform Services which offers fast paced results with features like drag & drop simplicity, pre-build templates and many more for accelerating development of cross-industry business solutions. 

2. Interactive Insights

At Techcronus, our team of Microsoft Power Platform Consultants are creative & innovative with their approach and it gets blend with Power BI to give user a wholesome entrancing experience & interactive insights. With the use of Power BI, our Microsoft Power Platform Consultant seamlessly analyse raw data, generate actionable insights, and visualize them via comprehensive reports & charts, simply bringing a new life in data. 

3. Virtual Assistant

At Techcronus, we understood that all types of businesses & industries cannot employ human resource to keep customer service active for 24/7, 365 days a year. To overcome this challenge was just a piece of cake with the use of Power Virtual Agents.  

Our Microsoft Power Platform Consultant made it effortless to make the customers connected with the business outside business hours. They will help you develop FAQs and auto-generated responses to different queries types so customers gets prompt resolution and with self-service through Virtual Chatbots.  

4. Advanced Automation

At Techcronus, we understand that there are some tasks which are repetitive and are done on daily basis, and they are time consuming for business. Our Microsoft Power Platform Consultants are skilled expert in simplifying daily tasks and helps in saving time. Through use of Power Automation & Power Automation Desktop tools, the daily tasks becomes swift and can be accessed instantly without any hassle. 

By connecting different applications and platforms and using the pre-built drag-and-drop actions or recording your own desktop flows, businesses can now access daily tasks rapidly. 

5. Not restricting to only one

At Techcronus in Sydney, we haven’t restricted ourselves to catering to any one or two industry sectors. All our clients are delighted with our full stack web development services and our team has always strive to give each & every client a personal attention to their needs, and accordingly given them the best resounding solutions. 

Techcronus has given a remarkable quality of service to each sector as per their needs. We are serving Finance & Insurance, Energy, Health Care, Sports & Gaming, Manufacturing & Distribution, Startups & many more Industries. 

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