How Integrating Power BI with Dynamics 365 CRM Can Revolutionize Your Business?

Power BI and Dynamics 365 CRM

Do you know 250,000+ organizations, including 97% of Fortune 500 companies, depend on Power BI with Dynamics 365 CRM

They rely on Power BI for translating the raw data into easy-to-understand visual and numerical reports. Such information is crucial in making informed business decisions and formulating the next best plan.

The ever-intensive market competition is forcing companies to integrate their business with advanced technology and introduce digital transformation to bring a paradigm shift in their operational activities. Such a revolution will contribute significantly to exceeding the expectations of customers and taking the first-mover advantage in the market.

To win the intensifying race of innovation and customer engagement, fortifying your CRM to pace up with the latest trend is of utmost importance. For an instance, the sales segment is extensively involved in improving the conversions and profitability ratio. So, you have to empower your sales reps to make informed business decisions by leveraging data-driven insights.

Let’s discuss Microsoft Power BI and its power in today’s world in detail -:

The Dynamo of Power BI with Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft BI platform is a suite of business analytics tools that consolidates data from all across sources and different software programs. It contributes significantly to analyzing the data, sharing insights, and engaging with them in real time. You can uncover instantaneous analytics to make informed business strategies.

Dynamics 365 Power BI Platform encourages users for creating intelligent apps by leveraging custom development functions, plugins, and features. Being a scalable, robust, and enterprise-graded tool, it can create business reports and dashboards and help you understand the gaps between business decisions and their implementation with picturesque visualizations and diagrams. It lets you uncover and understand your business goals and extend the vision of the company at large.

For an instance, if your organization extensively uses a CRM system, it’s time to integrate it with Power BI to stay ahead of the market competition. However, the sales team is responsible for the channeling of inventory resources, improving sales processes, and driving conversions to the business.

To make informed decisions, it is extremely important to increase your sales and boost profitability by leveraging data-driven insights. All you can do is empower your sales reps and make them resonate enough to discover the untapped solutions to your business.

All this is possible by combining Microsoft Power BI with Dynamics 365 CRM. It will provide actionable solid insights to your entire sales team.

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The Benefits of Using Power BI with Dynamics 365

Want to boost the business intelligence capabilities of your business instantaneously? Unlock the power of BI with Dynamics 365 now! From addressing issues to uncovering the productivity backlog, it keeps you abreast with the latest technologies and business insights.

Let’s discuss the benefits of integrating Power BI with Dynamics 365 in detail -:

Create Real-time Reports

You can create real-time reports by using Power BI with Dynamics 365. This means that you can read, modify and extract data from any location and at any point in time. A real-time dashboard will update automatically as soon as a new data row appears in the dataset.

Increase the Quality of Customer Service

By using Power BI with Dynamics 365, you can prepare a solid strategy through data-driven analytics. This will help you understand your clients better and trace the bottlenecks and recurring issues if any. That’s how you can easily evaluate the demand of existing and potential customers and significantly minimize the time of responding to them. Make your business people-centric by leveraging such latest technological transformation.

Customize Your Dashboards

Do you think a shared dashboard for all the departments works?

Absolutely no!

Most businesses often end up making the mistake of allocating a consolidated dashboard for all segments. This may lead to misunderstanding, increase in potential errors, and complexity in resolving the glitches which can disrupt the momentum of the entire team.

With personalized dashboards, you can monitor the data that you want by simply browsing specific dashboards. This is possible only by combining Power BI with Dynamics 365.  

You can compare different types of data from every department

Apart from that, there are a few more advantages of combining Power BI with Dynamics 365:

  • Compare the various types of data each department gives to obtain the precise information needed to generate the customer report.
  • Get a detailed picture of your long-term sales trends.
  • Evaluate your data in logical visual formats, such as charts and graphs.
  • Have the sales reports embedded in your CRM’s Dynamics 365 dashboards and other apps?

Enhanced Security Level 

Power BI with Dynamics 365 CRM help businesses in enhancing their security level by providing users with a single, and unified platform access and data management. Due to this, the need to share information across various platforms gets eliminated. This further decreases the risk of data loss or theft.

Users can also set up their role-based access control and restrict access to multiple personnel. Start integrating your CRM with Power BI and stop the threat and theft of data manipulation with its extra level of security.

Time to empower your Sales Team – Conclusion 

The integration of Power BI with Dynamics 365 CRM is the most popular business intelligence tool available today. This powerful duo contributes significantly to transforming your sales team into a super efficient and super productive group. You can track your leads, seize opportunities, monitor your customers, and map their preferences to enrich the entire sales process and boost your sales revenue.

So are you ready to leverage the benefit of integrating Power BI and Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities? Let’s connect today! 

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