Microsoft Dynamics 365: Accelerating Non-Profit Organization with CRM Software  

Microsoft Dynamics 365_ Accelerating Non-Profit Organization with CRM Software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM For Non-Profits is a name you’re likely to hear very frequently in the nonprofit tech space over the next several years.

Adopt a smart CRM solution for your business and see how technology can streamline your operations – from donation to reporting and more!

Let’s understand Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM For Non-Profits in detail -:

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a constitute CRM solution configured specifically for the non-profits institute to streamline their business structure. It is a smart way to accomplish Non-Profit Mission. Being the most cost-effective model, it contributes significantly to generating repeat businesses than new businesses. No business wants a donor that tosses for $10 once and then never interacts with your organization again.

In today’s world of digital dynamics, non-profits are majorly focusing on engaging and networking with different groups like- public donors, corporate sponsors, and volunteers from different channels for advancing their agenda. However, on the other side, they are strategizing to deliver immeasurable services to accomplish their mission.

Thus, a non-institution must integrate CRM systems to effectively execute the front-end and back-end operations with an incessant flow of collaboration and support.

The main objective of non-profit organizations is to help organizations eliminate data silos, enabling powerful insights into their data and keeping the challenges of data management at bay. No matter the size of your firm – small or middle scale or a big conglomerate, CRM solutions often help you manage your customer details, and strengthen and foster new relationships. 

It creates a standardized data language for the sector and constitutes the management of accounts, program delivery, fundraising, awards, and tracking of the data accordingly.

Why do nonprofits need Dynamics 365?

Non-profits are a special kind of organization that is driven by shared values and believe in altruism rather than a bottom line. They operate on tighter budgets and have comparatively different yardsticks for measuring the magnitude of success. They aren’t motivated solely based on earning but also through quality relationships, engagement, and serving the millions.

That said, a non-profit organization can achieve its objectives on its own if they are committed to the same principles. Such principles include – fostering relations with people who will be receiving money in their pockets, irrespective of being customers, clients, or donors.

Moreover, commercial businesses are leveraging automation features and intuitive analysis in the CRM system for delivering tailor-made experiences to the customers at large. Such data-oriented and personalized relationships will support businesses during engagement with a new set of customers in a more significant way, and generate durable revenue streams.

Many nonprofits find that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is something of a unicorn platform that offers the best-in-class features to the entire ecosystem with a niche targeting human-driven needs. 

How Does Dynamics 365 function?

Microsoft offers a noteworthy discount on its CRM app package for charitable institutes. The CRM application package includes –

  • Sales
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation
  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Social Engagement

This package is not more than a bonus because it includes everything that a charitable organization can demand streamlining and optimizing their sales relationship with donors and sponsors.

Let’s discuss the features included in CRM software-:  

Unification of systems

Running a non-profit organization isn’t an easy job. You have to completely rely on volunteers to keep things moving and have a considerable no. of plates to keep in the air. Moreover, the clearer they are about their operations, the more productive and effective your organization can be.

And, to make your operations cleaner and more concise, it is imperative to practice the unification of the system into the organization. However, being siloed across different platforms and programs can make it challenging to derive a complete picture of the organization and its administrative tasks.

But, Dynamics 365 has the most advanced features that can easily integrate your non-profit operations, and manage your contacts, team of volunteers, donations, and memberships all within one application. 

Through this, every department will operate in the same space in sync with the rest of the departments. This will maintain an environment of transparency in the operation processes no matter whether your staff is working remotely in-house or in numerous locations.

Grant management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you find, apply and manage grants without any additional hassle. It often characterizes a considerable amount of a non-profit’s administrative duties. While various charitable organizations often distribute gifts of their own.

That’s where Microsoft Dynamics CRM software comes into the picture. It will help non-profit institutions in managing and tracking the grants right from making the initial application to the award felicitation.

It can even automate reminders and renewals so that you never miss out on any important opportunity. If you are still stuck in between, hire Techcronus for Dynamics consulting services now!

Donor and member management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has solid features for tracking and analyzing the behavior of donors and checking whether they have pledged in the past. You can create a projection of where they are most likely to contribute in the future. You can also enable certain features for tracking and managing standing pledges.

Moreover, you can have a comprehensive view of donor management engagement that help non-profit organization spot trends and issues and find the most effective campaigns.

Charities with membership schemes can also operate these programs through Dynamics 365, and manage data, such as relationships and previous interactions, as well as process member subscriptions, orders, and invoices.

This platform includes the ability to set up Dynamics 365 Customer Self-Service Portals, so members can access information, manage their profiles and subscriptions, and make donations directly.

Donation tracking

Dynamics 365 is one of the best options for any non-profit institution as it can track, monitor and manage donations and their relationships towards some particular campaigns and donors.

It maintains a detailed record of the full donation history and provides information related to pledging amounts and recurring donations – everything in one CRM software.  

Such software also integrates with various other ERP systems to sync the transactional data with external financial systems. You can also automate your donation payment by connecting it with 3rd party payment solutions and gateways to leverage digital money and transaction with just one click.

Volunteer management

Just like employee sheet management, this Microsoft Dynamics 365 software is powered by volunteers. It can maintain a timesheet and ensures profile management services so you can track who is managing the minimum or maximum project. Based on that data, you assign the right project to the right volunteer at the right time.

The app can also track school credit for those who are volunteering from an educational institution and includes tools to ensure compliance with any regulations.

Campaigns and event management 

Campaigns are an essential part of a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy that helps raise awareness of the cause and attract donors. Undoubtedly, campaigns often leave a lasting effect on the perception of individual and that greatly impact a non-profit’s revenue stream.

Though Dynamics 365 can’t come up with a great charity campaign for you, it can help you manage, monitor, track the coverage, and measure the donations. You can prepare custom segments of contacts for individual campaigns, enabling the non-profit institution to directly target former donors who might be looking forward to similar upcoming campaigns.

Most importantly, it keeps the donors, supporters, or contributors in the loop and lets them know how their contributions are being used. Besides that, you can book venues, manage schedules, track attendance, and organize sponsors right from the application.


There’s no doubt that – No two non-profit organizations can work similarly and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM For Non-Profits brings uniqueness by giving customization options to the users. Moreover, you can easily configure the system as per your goals to meet individual business objectives.

Microsoft’s AppSource store hosts thousands of third-party add-ons and connectors that facilitate easy coding with less effort and are more effective. Through this app, you can customize your dashboard and set up particular roles for helping employees search for the right information, instantly.

By unlocking the strength of PowerApps, non-profits can develop their web and mobile applications through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. It doesn’t demand much coding knowledge or any industry-specific expertise.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM For Non-Profits?

Eligible non-profits can get Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise free for up to 5 seats and discounted pricing of $23.80 per user/month for additional users.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise allows full relationship management for all your constituents, from donors, contributors, and government agencies, to volunteers and supporters, to beneficiaries.

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise is the license used to power Fundraising and Engagement. This will help businesses in the overall management of non-profit campaigns to data monitoring and tracking and impactful reporting. 

And, eligible non-profits can get Power Apps free for up to 10 seats (the “Per App” plan) and discounted pricing of $2.50 per user/month for additional users.

The Final Words 

Would you like to manage your donor pipeline and engage with new contributors with an all-in-one CRM software?

Techcronus is all here to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to deliver tailored made software that suits perfectly for your non-profit organization. We are specialized in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Customer Self-Service Portal too. Feel free to call us now for building, customize, and fine-tune the software to accelerate your non-profit organization!