Microsoft Power BI Solutions for Sydney, Australia Businesses

Microsoft Power BI Solutions for Sydney, Australia Businesses

In any organisation, there is a wide variety of data in terms of their day-to-day-tasks, market structure, customer evaluation, insights about their suppliers as well as partners and finally detailed information about their competitors. In order to make use of this information in bits and pieces, it is important that the data is analysed thoroughly.

We transform your complex data into simplistic forms by using Microsoft Power BI. Using this software, all unique sized businesses can utilise a set of services, applications as well as connectors to transform their data into practical information that can be used further to enhance business performance. Reports suggest that the market share of Power BI is growing at an immense rate and stands as high as 5.43% at the given moment. 

What are the special features of Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is an invaluable software as well as app services for any firm because it generates visuals, reports, dashboards and more so that they can tell an engaging story about their organisation. Over 100,000 companies have been affiliated with Power BI  and it is growing constantly.  The prominent characteristics of Power BI include: –

  • Advanced security feature because it relies upon the top Microsoft security stack such as Azure.
  • Removes unwanted data and curates important information through Power Query Editor (M Language)
  • Constant data analyzation
  • Data remains connected to various data connectors.
  • Comprehensive data calculation using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)
  • Modern machine learning and AI capacity
  • Smoother excel usage.

Which insights are supported by Power BI?

Reports suggest that almost 90% of businesses globally are looking forward to a data analytics team for managing their data. In this situation, a cloud based Business Intelligence software is perfect for their data visualisation and analytics. The insights supported by Power BI are:-

Customer Relationship Management Analytics (CRM):

In terms of CRM Analytics, a circular perspective to one’s clients is accessible. While using custom Dynamics 365 dashboards, a comparative analysis of external data can be prepared for sales, marketing and operations.

Human Resources Analytics:

With this cloud service, attendance tracking, annual leave, payroll as well training etc can be easily calculated for further financial insights.

Financial Analytics:

When financial data recorded in the excel is passed through Power BI, it is advantageous for planning and budgeting. Moreover, it improves overall analyses of the data.

Sales Analytics:

Through this measure, an overall sales performance can be put against multiple variables. After this thorough analysis, the best performing employee, important information about the client as well as other locational insights can be easily derived.

Marketing Analytics:

Techcronus in Sydney, Australia has a proven track record of converting comprehensive, redundant data into reliable data solutions. Using advanced Microsoft Power BI execution tools, the size of your company is not essential. With us, your comprehensive data is backed by augmented analytics, automated Machine Learning, data preparation, visual data discovery and interactive dashboards.

Which valuable industries are served through Power BI solutions?

The ease with which Techcronus Australia provides its solutions will keep you assured that you will not need IT skills to use the business intelligence services. Moreover, the users will be able to give quicker reports about the data insights to their managers. The Microsoft Power BI service will guide you through your processes entailed. Techcronus Australia has served some of the most valuable industries as under-


Healthcare industry is abundantly driven by complex data. When such organisations make use of Power BI, they can unite multiple sources under one umbrella. This results in accurate and insightful reports for demands from patients, experts as well as regulators.


When the transportation industry in Sydney runs through Power BI services, they can get a clearer picture about all forms of transactional data. In return, the transportation sector is heavily benefitted in terms of productivity, efficiency and ROI.


To bring the warehouse and inventory data in sync, it is managed by Power BI Solutions for the distribution industry. As a result, cutting costs, user-friendly reporting and keeping a check over the demand and supply has become possible.


The nature of manufacturing business is dependent on punctual reporting, smooth production, organising inventory then foreseeing the demand and supply. With automated collection of data through BI Solutions, actionable outcomes become possible.

Microsoft Power BI provides an aid in Planning, Budgeting as well Reporting for business growth. At Techcronus Australia, we ensure that you make informed decisions for your organisation in real time under the presence of experienced and certified BI consultants. Contact Us now to discuss it further.