HR Onboarding SaaS Solution

Techcronus worked with the Client to help them bring this idea to market by building a SaaS Multi-tenant Onboarding Platform. It basically equips the Hiring Managers and Onboarding teams in the organizations with a common shared platform to plan a complete onboarding process with all real-life scenarios.

This was implemented using OU/OG structure implementation to manage hierarchical and non-hierarchical flow used to organize the dependency of employees in the hiring process. The process starts with HR adding the employee to the system and entering all the Personal and Onboarding details. Once the Employee is added to the system, HR can assign the task to Hiring Managers for further processing. This will help the Hiring Managers to have a task list ready with the required details by making it easy to track the tasks and complete the onboarding process persuasively. Moreover, the hierarchical flow is designed as per the Market Hierarchy employment ship in an organization. The flow from HR to HRBPfollows 4C, i.e. Culture, Connection, Clarification and Compliance in order to create an Onboarding plan. There is a Dashboard that has information like stats of successful onboarding tasks and unsuccessful onboarding tasks.

Key Features:

  • The process starts with Registration of the company of the system, Login and SSO authentication.
  • The managers add the employees and their personal details and onboarding details to the system and assigns them to the hiring Managers.
  • After employee creation, the HR managers create onboarding plans for the Hiring Manager and assign them which helps Hiring Manager to track and process Enrollment.
  • Office 365 Integration allows Hiring Managers to export the tasks directly to Office 365 calendar with 2-way data synchronization
  • Auth0 Integration is implemented to integrateAgylia Civica Learning Management System (LMS)The system basically handles Onboarding Plans, Task Management for Hiring Managers and let them manage the onboarding seamlessly.
  • The system works on levels and sub-levels formats which are set by the Hiring Manager and are assigned to the employees on the basis of 4C and its levels.
  • The nudging feature sends customized automated notifications to Hiring Managers throughout the onboarding process.

Technology Stack:

React Js, Python