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HR Onboarding SaaS Solution

The Client had an idea to empower the Hiring Managers and motivate them to perform well with the Onboarding process. The goal was to digitize the process of onboarding new employees to the company and get the real-time updatesabout their onboarding progress. The plan was to create a platform that stores and enables the HR Business Partners, HR Managersand Hiring Managers to improvise their employee onboarding skills and validate the processes.

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Kids Quest Gaming Web App

Kids Quest Gaming Web App_Case Study

The Client had an idea to build a quiz gaming web app for students and teachers. The goal was to create a fun quiz game tomake children learn while playingas well as increase their Intelligence Quotient. Teachers can create different quiz games including treasure hunt, puzzles etc. which students can join with an invite codes shared by the teachers.The quiz questions and answers could be of different formats.

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