Kids Quest Gaming Web App

Kids Quest Gaming Web App_Case Study

Techcronus worked with the Client to help them bring this idea to market by building a Quiz Game WebAppandmakefun learning indispensable. Teachers create the quizzes by adding a cover image and dragging objects on the image providing clues for students to solve the mystery/puzzle from that image. This was possible using a combination of ReactJS, NodeJS and AWStechnologystack used to develop this robust scalable web application for school students. The process starts with the school teachers registering themselves to this system. Once teachers are registered, they can design quizzes, add objects, add questions/answers and generate the invite codes. The students who receive the invitation code will only be able to join and play the quiz. Teachers can also see students who have joined via invite code and can control the start/end of the quiz. After completing the quiz, a scoreboard is displayed to the teachers and if not satisfied with the scores, the teacher can ask students to play the game.

Key Features:

There are two types of users in this system:

i) Teachers and

ii) Students

  • Teachers are the admins as they can create the quiz games and send invites to the students.
  • Students through the invite code received, canenter the quiz and the teacher who created the quiz will get the notification, will approve to admit the entry of the students.
  • The questions can be of 4 types:
    • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
    • True/False
    • Images
    • Free Text
  • The questions in quiz can contain images, audio clips, video clips, information blocks, music clips.
  • After enrolling into the game, the students get the timer showing remaining time to start the quiz.
  • Once the quiz starts, the students will play the quiz and after completing the quiz the students will be able to view the score. And if the student wishes to play the quiz again.
  • Teachers also have a dashboard-like view, where they can view the list of students who have participated in the quiz along with their scores.